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Do you want photos for business or personal use? On the Bookings page we can arrange a free photo meeting to hear all about what you’re hoping for. It will also be when we discuss what you’d like to do with your photos, I can advise on the overall outcome and longterm use of your pictures, whether they be for personal use in your home or commercial use in your business. Sometimes people know they need to get photos, but they don’t really know how to start, or all the options, this is a session where we can collaborate and design a photoshoot package that’s right for you.


The kinds of questions that I will ask in your design session are…Have you ever had a professional photoshoot? What are you hoping to achieve from your photoshoot? What kind of feeling or vibe would you like to send and how would you like to use these photos? in print, or just online? The choices are limitless, so lets create something thats bespoke to what you have in mind. 


And the kinds of things I will help you arrange are; clothing, props, hair, make up, location, bearing in mind my style is always to go for a natural un-staged, unposed look. This will better connect with your audience or better reflect who you are and give you a sense of pride.


You can bring any ideas, images and questions to this meeting so we understand what you’d like with your photos. and we can explain the process from now, until you have your photos. I want you to feel amazing when you see your photos.


Looking forward to meeting you, or chatting over the phone! Warm Regards, Rosana.

we can also speak over Skype (rosanakersh) or on the phone, (0407293037) 


Photography is such a psychological job in my opinion. Well, for me it is based on how people feel and then how they look. I find general conversation helps. I take after my parents in that way, my father especially. He and I just chat and talk with the people. I might be photographing you and chatting away and find we have something in common, maybe have friends in common or an experience. 


I just build a rapport with people; actually we build rapport with each other. Doing that relaxes people, especially if they’re strangers. It just helps them unwind a bit. I like to just have a laugh on a shoot, and this takes their mind off what’s actually going on. I’ll say, “Just go and stand over there by the shed.” “Don’t stop having your beer.” Just ignore me for a bit. It’s that kind of thing. Letting people be themselves.


I know a lot of photographers that do stage photos and they do it very positively and encouragingly, but I just like to chat away and I find a calm presence. I think my mood affects a photo shoot a lot. From when I began taking photos, before I learnt I mean, the shots I took were many and random. I never got people to pose for me. Everyone commented on the natural, candid ones and that just king of continued.


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