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Commercial portraits: Who do they think you are?

Do you sometimes have those days where you feel grateful for the work you do and the industry you’re in? It was like that for me recently, when I showed a client their pictures.

I always have in mind, the potential for a commercial photo-will it be used on linked in? Will it be useful for their newsletters or for their Facebook cover photo, or their website, and how will it look as a business card with writing on the side? Can it be used in a Duo or Success Magazine advertisement? And will it be useful for a billboard potentially or to be printed in the paper for an article about their products and services?

Composing a photo has so many elements to consider for a successful result, the clothes, and willingness and deportment of the person, the location, backdrop, colour of clothes, for example, do they compliment the corporate identity and the industry of the business? Then the variety of inclusions, is it a head and shoulder only? Is it half or full length photograph & perhaps they need a selection for several purposes to use in the following months and years for a fresh turnover.

I met Donnie Harris a few years ago at a Christmas business networking party, and got chatting, a month or so later photographed his three staff members, and have done one since of new staff. Now 10 staff strong, it’s been such a good experience to photograph and show them the new images for their website, social media & marketing material and newsletters. So people get to know all the staff and what law they specialise in... Its so rewarding photographing how businesses evolve over the years, and to know they also have a great record of the business development and people that have been a part of its growth.

Donnie Harris Law, in Townsville City, it’s been great watching the team grow from my first shoot a few years ago, when Donnie had three staff, & NOW 10! And doing shoots over the years is so rewarding, to see different companies growth and development... #law #girlpower #lawyers @rosanakershphotography #donnieharrislaw #legalmatters #legaladvice #womeninlaw


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