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Business Networking : & Tracey Spicer

The past 5 years I have sponsored the Townsville Business Womens Circle I've done Photography for their events, meeting many women at different gatherings; over coffee, lunch, wine, Guest speaking "Quick Bite" talks and dinners.

I've made a string of new clients and friends by going to these events. From commercial artists, lawyers, teachers, accountants, writers, marketers, hotel managers, events coordinators to bank managers, gym owners, electricians and the list does go on, but it has been a great experience taking all their photos over the years, that has lead me to learn about a lot business around town and the talented hard working women who run and work in them.

The most recent function was with Tracey Spicer as the emcee, and wow, how lucky we were the TBWC committee invited and arranged Tracey to come to Townsville. What an honour to meet such a mover and a shaker in MEDIA- over the past 20+ years, and after reading her book, "Good Girl Stripped Bare". I bought her Audiobook, and have not stopped playing it in my car since..almost through the life story of hers. A great insight into the life of a women particularly in media through the past few decades...what a REFRESHING comfort, eyeopener, and reminder of the challenges & rewards in society and business with being a girl, teenager or woman today in Australia.

From the TBWC website, the awards night was "designed to celebrate the extraordinary depth and breadth of contribution, knowledge, innovation, achievement and leadership by women in business in our region and will feed into the Telstra Business Women’s Awards nationally."

There is a collection of images which you're welcome to view. Call me on 0407293037 to come into the studio for a closer look at them, it'd be love to see you again, or- meet you :) Rosana.


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