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Tips for personal branding & your photographs

Three things to consider for photography : Resolution : Representative : Presentation.


Resolution of files is the quality of them and therefor where and how they can be most ideally used. The resolution for a file to be printed on a matchbox is far less than the quality required for a billboard.

Cameras these days have the capacity to take pictures that can be used for quite large prints; some better than others, but the quality in the detail can vary dramatically-for example, a photo taken on an iPhone at a party or on sunset, will be very different to a quality image taken on a professional photographer's camera, with or without a flash. The shadows may be just plane black, but they may also have detail, and sometimes this can be really beautiful once it’s printed, so it can tell the whole story, in a visually pleasing way. A file on a phone camera may be about three megabytes, and a file from a professional's camera may be 15 megabytes, this is similar to having packet chips for dinner, or having quality steak and salad for dinner...different levels of quality, satisfaction and result. I can help advise you with this.


What are you hoping to represent? Yourself in your personal life? Your business or the company you work for?

Consistency in clothing, shoes, hair, make up, and backgrounds is important to be in keeping with a business's corporate branding, professionalism and ethos. If you're planning professional photographs for business, it’s well worth having hair and make up done to show you at your best (plus you feel like a rockstar!)

Think attention to detail - ironed shirts, lint free jackets, trousers and skirts.

What are the company colours? What do you offer in product or service? What is your mission, purpose and goals? Does the business have a serious side? Is it a friendly approachable business and do you want the public to feel and learn that it is? For example, doctors aren’t all scary, lawyers aren’t all serious, accountants can be fun. All these questions I will ask you in the lead up to a photoshoot.

I photographed Elle Roberts, a creative businesses coach and CEO of Artful Biz Con. Elle works with people who are creative product makers and we were able to do the shoot with this audience in mind. Elle's shoot was in her office, which included her laptop, custom made coffee cups, old photos, along with crochet backdrops and handcrafts. All of these elements are reflective of her audience and brand. The photos had to capture that.

Then when I photographed Alex Whitehead's Be Psyched office and staff - a psychology firm in the city of Townsville, as it's a corporate business, I suggested a professional look along with the friendly manor they wanted to convey, to match their business's offerings. The photos needed to connect with overall brand and ethos of the business.


When you're considering photos it is important to think about the end result and who you want to reach. I can advise and create the graphic design and layouts with your photos once they're taken. Whether it be for a billboard, coffee table book, leather bound album, business cards, LinkedIn profile, website banners, email header and footers. Would you like flyers made for your business? Do you need images to post on Instagram? Ask and I can give you some answers. Call me on 0407293037, Rosana Kersh.


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