Love Hearts

If you looked at a compendium of Rosana Kersh’s photographs, or visited her home in Townsville, North Queensland, you couldn’t go past the number of times you’d see the motif of love. 

Love hearts. The word love. Happy couples and families. They’re everywhere in her Queenslander – upstairs and downstairs. In the backyard even. 

What’s the fascination with them? 

“Yeah, love hearts are everywhere. As decorations, on furniture or clothes, carved rocks – everything. There’s nothing conscious about it. But maybe it’s a bit of an affirmation or a law of attraction thing. Some people might like skulls and dragons and have those all around their home, but for me, it’s love hearts and the idea or feeling of love. 

I have had some custom made, some given to me. I’ve had the big love wedding letters made – originally for a client’s wedding photoshoot. 

Yes, a lot of hearts. I’ve just picked some up randomly at second-hand markets, it’s all very mixed. But there is a story behind every one of them.

Have you got a favourite? 

“Ummm… yeah, I do. The ones on my hand, the tattoo. There’s two love hearts on my wrist – a red one and a blue one, which links to the memory of my brother who gave me beautiful, little blue love heart earrings when I was about 10.  For no reason, just because, which was very special to get a present when it wasn’t your birthday.

Little blue love heart earrings. And he had blue eyes and he was killed almost nine years ago, there’s more to the story but it’s his and my heart next to each other. 

Hearts are super special to me. 

(words by Alex Christopher)


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