Do you need to update your personal profile for a better online presence? Have your wedding documented? Was your last family photoshoot years ago? does your business need images updated?

Real, raw and beautiful is all I am about. 

Attention to detail for your portraits. 

Uncompromising images for your business. 

I would love to work with you. You're going to LOVE the photos I take.

They'll be timeless and strong, in representing your family, business, products and services.


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in photos - EVERY TIME

Do you wish you felt more comfortable when someone pulled out their iPhone and took a photo at a gathering or when you’re out for lunch? I know what you mean! I can help, Click here to get a FREE “ten tips guide” on how to look your best in photos! Just click on link and put TEN TIPS as subject,

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I’ve photographed births,

I’ve photographed deaths.

I’ve photographed marriages.

I’ve photographed brides, barristers, babies, builders, ballerinas and butchers... That sounds like the Rodriguez song ‘a most disgusting song’. (Not as the title seems)


I generally love photographing people, from all walks of life in all circumstances of life. It is so diverse and interesting, beautiful and at times, emotionally upheaving. 


The world is interesting and beautiful,

life is amazing and challenging, joyful and devastating. And I’ve photographed all of the above. With more to come I’m certain. 



Good question, probably the same answer as to why someone would travel to a Vietnamese orphanage, or New York, or Las Vegas, or to climb Mount Everest, or eat a good steak or buy comfortable leather shoes or a beautiful silk dress, or trusty solid denim jeans or crack open a’s an experience, to fulfil something, for me, and a perpetual one, for others, a ripple effect, to last for years, in business, and through friends and family as keepsakes for decades and generations to come. 


To inform, to demonstrate, to engage, to entertain,


to comfort, to make someone smile, to bring a sense of understanding or empathy to someone. It is for each person to interpret individually.


It’s an anti depressant, It’s so relaxed when being free to be creative or taking photos and editing the result and showing my clients. I actually get quite upset if I haven’t taken photos for a while. Like you I’m sure if you haven’t done your favorite activity in a while, for me, that’s creative stuff, for others it may be going to the gym, walking up castle hill, ‘coffee-ing’ with their best mate, or finishing off a report, it’s all about accomplishment.


And for that activity then being a never ending visual for people to appreciate, display, use, smile at, or find comfort in, long term is an even better feeling of accomplishment.