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Personal Branding Photography

How is your personal branding online? Is it bringing you more clients or turning potential clients away? Personal branding is an essential part of your business, but it can seem overwhelming. Your corporate identity is all about creating a positive image for yourself online, making you more attractive to clients. Corporate portraits are a great way to get started with personal branding because it helps you appear professional. Personal branding shows your clients who you are as a professional and why they should choose you over your competitors.


I will guide you through the process from what to wear, what to bring and how to pose. I want to make it a breeze for you or your team. As a commercial photographer in Townsville, I have experience in corporate portraits, team photos and making your business brand look the best it can. I will help you create the best corporate portrait to represent your team and business online. Personal branding is about being yourself, not a fake representation of who you are as a professional. It's important to show people around you who you are so they know what to expect from you as a company or as a person.

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Your digital identity will be represented by headshot photographs. Digital headshot photographs are created to be used online throughout each photography session. The purpose of the digital headshot photographs is to be used in professional settings. 

Corporate Headshots

Commercial Photography Townsville

Commercial Photographer Townsville | Personal Branding Townsville

When you can’t be there to connect with your clients, your online images will speak for you 24 hours, 7 days a week. Having personal branding photographs for your business will help bring credibility to you or your team, allowing you to share who you are as a person and to connect on higher level to your clients. If you want to attract more clients for your business then a personal branding photography session is what you need. We work with local business owners and commercial businesses who are wanting to take the next step above your competition to bring confidence to you and grow your business.

Personal Branding
Do you just need a few images to update your online presence? Our Personal Branding Express session would be perfect for you. Don’t worry about what to wear, we will guide you on the perfect wardrobe to bring to your personal branding photoshoot. Posing? PFFFFT! Leave the posing to me! I will coach you through posing and expression to show off your amazing personality. After the shoot, I will have you into the studio to go through all your images and choose your favourites.. Also, you're welcome to choose any additional images you would like to ad to your collection.


We have a pre shoot consultation. When you book your session, you receive a guide for what to wear for your session. Also I am available for consultation by phone if you have more questions. This session will include 2 - 3 wardrobe changes and a fully guided 45 minute session coaching you through posing and expression. You will be able to view your images with a personal selection session at the studio a few days after shoot. 3 high-res digitals are included with your session your fully edited photos are delivered in 72 hours. Additional images are available for purchase. Session fee $790.

step it up

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Are you ready to get yourself out there? And are you ready to start bringing in more clients, the kind you love working with and of course who want to buy from you? What do I help people create? I create visual storytelling for entrepreneurs explaining who they are and what they do in images without having to worry about being photogenic. We work together to create personal branding images that speak to your personality, that tell your story in a relaxed and fun way so that you can see yourself in your best light and share your unique message to the world.

branding photos Townsville

Your branding images will speak for you 24/7 and connect with your ideal clients when you can’t be there in person. You can rest easy knowing that your images are working for you to help raise your credibility as the expert that you are, show your true self and connect on a higher level to people who are right for you, communicate your personal brand and get noticed by your peers and potential clients, show you mean business and get results by effortlessly attracting your best clients and projects. They will also showcase your unique personality and values that set you apart from your competition, present a consistent brand message across all platforms and help you to feel more confident and excited to grow and build your business. 


Having a personal branding images that speak to you and your brand will not only save you time, but money!  You will have your very own custom library of branding images to choose from at your finger tips whenever you want that you know will fit whatever marketing effort or business communication piece you need to get your message across. The sense of relief you will feel knowing you have stunning images that accurately communicate who you are, what you do, your personality and your unique brand message, will work wonders for you and  your business. Something you won’t have to worry about for at least a couple of years or when it’s time to create some new brand stories!

Your new images may surprise you in the way that you see and feel about yourself, your business and your life.  You will gain a level of confidence, self-acceptance about yourself that you didn’t think possible and a renewed sense of excitement, and joy about your life and business that you bound to work everyday with a child-like sense of vibrancy and purpose that can only lead to personal success and fulfillment.

Together we create visual branding that is custom to you and your business that covers all your marketing communications from your website to all your social media platforms to communicate your unique brand message, consistently and effortlessly in a way that emotionally connects and speaks directly to your ideal client.  You will have timeless, yet modern images that will work for you for at least two years so you don’t have to stress about which or what images to use, or bother about finding stock  images that somehow relate to your business.  You will now be able to share proudly and happily and focus on what the things you love and do best! You are a modern, no-fuss and passionate entrepreneur with a big heart. You know what you can do and be in this life and you make an impact, then so should your images!


There’s no time to waste

as you know the value and power of personality-driven branding photography to engage, educate and enlighten your audience so you can focus on doing what you love, connect, with your best clients and endeavours, grow your business and income and make the impact you are here to make. 


We will produce stunning, fashion-inspired, on-brand images that speak to you and your business when you can’t be there in person and give you the confidence, a spring in your step and peace of mind knowing your visual brand is working for you 24/7 and has you covered.  You’ll feel a renewed sense of vibrancy in yourself and be excited daily in the things you will do and create in your business! I’d love to get to know you and help you unleash your special gift and message to the world with timeless, stand-out images that will connect inspire and make a lasting impression.  Book your complimentary consultation with me to start creating the images and business that you envision!


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