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Moments don’t last forever. But photos do. 


Long after the wedding cake has been eaten, the dress is packed away, the guests have gone home, the drinks have been finished, your photos will remain...


So I like to preserve your special moments photographically. That way they can be enjoyed and or appreciated forever, by someone or everyone.


This doesn’t not mean every photo is joyful. Although some are. And they stand the test of time, even if the walls of those buildings won’t, or that person doesn’t, as we all will at some point-not be here as we once were. So in capturing things, people, moments, places, relationships, they can be still in time. To look back on forever. I look forward to chatting with you about your photos, 


Kind Regards,

Rosana Kersh. 2022.


Professional photographer, Rosana Kersh, believes it is essential to have good communication between her and her client in order to get the right shots.  “I feel it is extremely important in how you deal with people,” she admits. “There is nothing worse, in my mind, of seeing all those clichéd, staged shots of weddings. ‘Stand here, do this, do that, now pretend you are doing this.’ I have seen it all … and heard it all, over and over and frankly, I don’t think it does anyone justice." 


“However,” she says, “making the client feel at ease and comfortable makes them tell me exactly what they want. It is just being considerate. This can be especially so with a mother and child shoot or a newly married couple.  Everyone is so unique and there is an essence to everyone.  I love to capture that very essence. After all, it is all about them, and so it should be.”

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