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Rosana . . . THANK YOU so much for the very special photos


Family portraits in Townsville, this is what inspires me to photograph people and valuing people naturally helps me  connect with people . I have found this results in portraits of people that feel comfortable and realise they in fact DO look good in a photo. My photos are SPECIAL, but not specialty.


Don’t put me in a box, I don’t fit, no I don’t have a “dream client” or “avatar” who has three kids, a medium to high income, a husband that earns well & they live on castle hill, and love sentimental things. NO, I have dream clients, who appreciate visual quality, or to capture a moment in time they will never get back, or a connection with people, or they want something to represent them personally or in business, showing who they are, a loving mum, a sexy just divorced finally free mum, a hard working lawyer who put himself through uni and now has passed the bar, a woman who has put herself through uni and worked at the firm since she was in uni and now just passed the bar. A barista who is putting herself through uni and will one day pass the bar. A uni professor and his now graduating child for their high school formal photos in a park. 


A graduating country girl who just finished grade twelve and just finished her impeccable hand made dress from scratch with no pattern! And now she looks a lot like a Greek goddess, although she has no idea just yet. A baby who was stolen from its parents moments after it entered the world. A wedding couple who know their future together is suddenly now limited, but are finally marrying to confirm their many years of love before their destiny is divided. A little boy, on his birthday, holding his fathers hand a day or so before he passed away…a father holding the hands on his little newborn fat healthy girl, in his rugged hard worked bricklayer hands. these are my clients, these are life. The real, the beauty, the raw, the remarkable and heart wrenching.


And I photograph them all. I don’t get nervous at weddings, or births, or deaths. I certainly feel the emotion, and see what’s going on. I am comfortable In a grieving situation, because I can relate, I love talking an awkward teenager through a photoshoot until they finally laugh and relax a bit, or a husband who hated the idea of a photoshoot, and getting chatting and finally tell him to cuddle his wife and tell her some things he appreciates about her and I get a photo of her laughing or crying with joy.


I like all walks of life, all stories, and I can handle different situations. This is why I love photography. It’s life, it’s psychology, Telling peoples stories, their connections, their purpose, in beauty even if it’s not all in joy, but that also.  And capturing their lives and connection and love and personality.

What They Say

When my husband was diagnosed with cancer we realised we didn’t have any family photos so Rosana was recommended to us by friends and she is such an amazing woman/photographer I couldn’t speak highly enough of her. Those photos she took of us have now become some of my most important possessions & they are amazing, because memories are so important ♥️ Debra Austin


The first time I ever had a professional take photos for me was the day I proposed to my wife. One of the greatest and most nerve racking/exciting moments of my life somehow caught perfectly on film. We ended up with an album of amazing photos of that day, which led us to hiring you to fly interstate and photograph our wedding. We didn't even consider anybody else.

I bloody love your work. Cameron Cal’


Rosana, you took my and the kids’ photos about 10 years ago. The photos are beautiful, you engaged with us throughout and made us feel really comfortable and natural.  The great photos reflect your valuable input and expertise.  Linda Summerville 


Hands down best photographer in Australia. You've got such a lovely way of going about the whole process you forget that photos are even being taken. Absolutely stunning work. I always love to see the amazing pics you take for all your wonderful clients 💕 Bec Gollon


Amazing... you have such an eye for hidden emotions and subtle detail as well as superior technique. sally O’Brien.


When I first started my business I hired Rosana to capture a selection of different looks for varied concepts to be utilised in all my social media platforms, business branding, content, LinkedIn and my website. I highly recommend Rosana’s work. Emma Read.


Yes Rosana, Absolutely loved the photos you took and your friendly and professional manner. Would easily recommend you to any one looking for an excellent photographer 👍🌸 Jenny Bishop.

Wow!  They are unbelievable... so many I don't know which to comment on..Niki really is a very photogenic little angel isn't he?  And Evie is ever the poser!  Am possibly a bit biased......!!!!!  throw in the fact that you are a genius and ......'voila'

Sonya Georgalis

Rosana's professionalism, warmth, generosity and sense of humour shone through every part of her service to us. The shoot was easy and relaxed. We enjoyed the viewing session - the hard part was deciding which shots to choose from the hundreds of high quality, joyful, playful, natural images taken on the day. I now have a magical catalogue of my daughter's formal, which exceeded all my expectations. I am over the moon with the outcome, and treasure the beautiful photos of my gorgeous daughter and of our family together from this special day.

Kind regards

Bronwyn Houlden


Hi Rosana so lovely to see you in Sydney last weekend and thank you for sharing your limited time with us so generously. It's so precious seeing you... Jude forwarded an email from you with the most wonderful pictures of Bren with an invitation to download them. What a very generous and amazing gift Rosana. They are just beautiful pictures and capture so much of Bern's very amazing character. From his wonderful sense of humour and infectious lightheartedness to his more serious, pensive side, his flippancy and his generous family minded side and his ability for friendship-just so much. I am very touched Rosana. Thank you so much.Lots of love Trish 🌸🌷🌻💚💙💋


how are you, I got those photos and article in mail yesterday thank you, and that one of kids is a great shot and I mean there is something special about it. Somehow you have a knack to capture the essence of the character, and in this case four at the one time! You really do have a gift for it, so keep it up. I would like to get that one enlarged and put in a frame some time, so dont lose it. Anyway thanks again.

Love Brendan"

OH MY GOD Rosana!  Thank you so much!!!

The canvasses look fantastic on my wall!  I have moved them to a bigger and much more visible wall though!  So as soon as anyone walks in the house they will see them!  

I can’t thank you enough for EVERYTHING you have done, I am still speechless....  Max has told me I am not aloud any more photos, because I have also had to rearrange part of the lounge room so I have more room to put photo frames on!!  Everywhere you look there is a photo of Nate, but I will add that as soon as he got the photo for his wallet he put it straight in there and said ‘it’s perfect’!!  He has turned into a big softy! Trudy & Nate xx (Rosana was amazing, she came into my home and made the whole experience fabulous with her calm, patient and non-invasive approach.  She had the photos back within a few days, and they were even more beautiful than I had ever imagined... A perfect experience, that I can highly recommend.”

Cheers, Trudy Fegan.)


We are so in love with all our photo’s they are all awesome and so natural. I am always over the moon and excited every time I have a photo shoot because I know the photos are going to be more than what I expect and capture every feeling and emotion. You know you have a wonderful photographer when you get nothing but compliments from family and friends when our images are on display. I feel privileged to have my most precious memories captured as they express the joy of my whole family.

Thank you all....  I do have a very talented photographer who takes the most gorgeous shots. I am so proud of the work she produces and excited every time I have pics taken, I just know I am not going to be disappointed. I love her visions and how my most precious moments are captured to keep forever. It makes me happy to have such compliments from family and friends as I feel privileged to have her most beautiful and creative pictures. Hope you are all well hugs for now Manda xxoo



Hi Rosana!

I think this will be my cover shot!! A picture sure is worth 1000 words!



Hi Rosana,

I just wanted to say thanks again for such a beautiful collection of photos!  We got to show them off to Kieran’s parents, who just loved them too. Everyone who has seen them thinks they’re beautiful, and we’re so pleased with how they turned out, and captured Nate so beautifully, and all of us at such a wonderful time in our lives. I meant to email you after Kieran picked up the CD’s, but time got away from me (again!).  It was lovely to meet you, and hopefully we will end up with additional baby Sturgeon’s for you to meet! Many thanks

Tricia and Kieran Sturgeon


Hi Rosana!!!

I'm SO sorry that I didn't get back to you after this!!! I was waiting on Brad to get back to the villa and then I had to run out and had the hens night that evening. We moved to a new resort the following day...and I didn't get onto emails there with all the preps and my best friends wedding! So...after all of I am, arrived home yesterday and just viewed the pics!! I LOVE them, particularly those of Mila and Brad! We'll definitely go through and let you know which photos we'd like to order. Thanks so much, the songs were gorgeous to play in the background too. You're so talented, you captured so many of Mila's 'faces' - I just love it! Will be in touch soon, thanks so much again.

xx K


"Hey Rosana, just letting you know that my photo one the Judges Highly Commended award in the hair comp!! Got a few good prizes so hopefully next year we can do even better.  Rat is going to drop that paperwork off to you today so if you aren't home he will pop it in your letter box. Thank you!" Vikki 


Hi Rosana,
Hope you had a great weekend! I managed to print off the 'thank you' cards last week and they look great! Thanks heaps for doing, everyone loved them! They are still talking about the engagement one...Kind regards,
Kristy Reid