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Are you a woman (or man) in business?

Do you need tips in taking nice selfies? Do you need help with better social media posts and photos? need help with social posts? need better business photos? And better SOCIAL POSTS?

Time to update your profiles?


I will take photos of you that you will love!

And even better, you'll actually enjoy the experience!


You need beautiful, professional profile photos and you don’t want to look the same as everyone else? Good, because I am original, and I will create something unique for you, for the professional who needs to freshen up their social profiles and business pages.

No lock in packages, simply purchase the images you need and want.


I will take photos of you that you will love!


"My focus is you."


I specialise in personal branding, family portraits, weddings and commercial photography.

book in a free phone consultation by clicking here to access my calendar.


Or call 0407293037 for any questions and I can have you in to the studio for a chat to look at some existing work and book a shoot to create something unique and amazing for yourself or your business.

My business motto is “Capture Your Spirit” and this is shown in pictures I take, the spirit of the person and the spirit of the moment.


My photography services are available nationally & world wide.

Our studio is at 65 Chandler Street, Garbutt 4814 Queensland, Australia.

email: info@rosanakersh.com

or call 0407293037

Been thinking about booking a photoshoot but no idea how to get ready for it so putting it off??” 


I’m a single mum, (solo mum by choice as my friend said) which I love. And I run my own photography business and have for close to 15 years, doing graphic design and fashion design during and before that. 

But working in my own business, I know what it’s like DOING EVERYTHING on your own, for your business, emails, websites, printing, cleaning, arranging business premises for clients, renovating, PAINTING! Invoicing, brochure design,  answering phones, doing (GETTING INTERRUPTED BY THE LITTLE ONE to feed them and change nappy...and forgetting what you were up to!)....oh, that’s right, doing social media posts-SETTING UP SOCIAL MEDIA, thinking about your brand, what you want to represent-what you want it to be known for...I’m constantly rethinking and analysing and modifying this-like a never ending rubrics cube! I am literally as I write this!

Who am I? What do I do for people? How do people feel when they come and work with me and have their picture taken? What can I help people achieve?


I know from so many comments over the years, I help people feel very relaxed during their photoshoot and compose things so cleverly with my graphic design experience that helps when they do layouts, and helps produce pictures that are so multi useable! I also help them evaluate their business, and think about how they want their pictures to represent THEM, and constantly brainstorm ideas of how they can use pictures to represent them.


They say they love how relaxed and fun the shoot was and how amazing the photos turned out and they didn’t even realised they looked that good! It’s so beautiful when someone comes in and they say they want a headshot, and after much lovely conversation and ideas throwing, then leave a few weeks later with a collection of 20 Or 30 beautiful pictures. For their own personal use and more often for a ton of social media, and website use...these pictures they can use for years to come-and the pictures can be there for them when they can’t be there! On their website, on a business card, on social media when we’re scrolling and searching for a good <insert business service> product or service....such an invaluable decision.


So I know what it’s like to be juggling 26 balls, (and occasionally dropping one, or three🤦🏻‍♀️🙄😂) but we kick our own butts and get on with the show! Because that’s how we roll, and that’s how we’ve gotten to where we are, right? 



So if I can help people, take a little chunk of their duties, (having a catalogue of great pictures for them to use without scrolling internet and finding only generic and inauthentic pictures, or doing one bad iPhone selfie after another) and turn this challenge and punish into a joyful fun experience (& maybe feeling a bit like a rockstar for a day)  and supply them with a massive collection of gorgeous, appropriate and REAL photos for them to have UNLIMITED use of, forever, then I’m one happy girl! And from what they say, so are they!